Mariposa, CA August 1, 2015 co-sactioned BBOS

Mariposa, CA

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Visit their website www.the for details. 

You can write in the Jr. entry on your entry form.
Jr. entry fees are $150 per entry. 
Membership is $50. If the parent is a member then $35. $25 day fee.


Hi everyone,Here is our itinerary for Mariposa.Friday July 31, 2015All Bulls must be checked-in, with papers in hand, by 6 PM.Stock Contractor Social at the Miners Roadhouse will start at & 7:30 PM. They will be closing the doors to outside guests for an hour or so, so that we can go over the next days agenda. If you have not gotten your hotel yet, The Miners Inn which is across the parking lot from our pre-party is available, 209-742-7777 or we have rooms still available at the Mariposa Lodge as well, 209-966-3607If you would like to come Thursday please let Tom Nunes know, he will be recieving bulls Thursday Night. Tom Nunes-559-240-3132Saturday August 1, 2015 9 AM ~ start for dummy bulls4 PM ~ check in for bull riders7 PM ~ start time for night perfI will not be available to take phone calls for the next week. If you have any questions regarding Mariposa please call Bruce Hunt at 559-816-8351.Thank you, [email protected]