The WSBBA and the ABBI have teamed up to provide opportunities to get your bulls qualified for the ABBI finals in Las Vegas, NV. The WSBBA events will not require bulls to be registered or EID tagged. This is the contractor’s discretion if they want to pay an additional fee of $50.00 (this will go directly to the ABBI) that will allow them to qualify for the futurity and classic finals held in Las Vegas. An updated list of qualifying events will be available soon! 
To be eligible to qualify for ABBI:
  • All bulls competing in an ABBI produced or sanctioned event must be registered with the ABBI prior to entry.
  • All bulls must have a DNA verified sire AND dam prior to entry closing time or be subject to penalty.
  • Bulls may be entered with parent verification pending. Prior to entering, the bull must be submitted for registration and assigned an ABBI registration number. A $500 ($250 per parent) penalty will be added to the entry. All bulls must be age verified and EID tagged before competition.
  • Bulls must be in the Owner/Partnership inventory of those entering the animal or under an ABBI competition agreement. The agreement can be found on the website. www.abbinow.com/forms.
For additional information, please read the 2016 ABBI rule book (http://americanbuckingbull.com/registration/forms/).
If a WSBBA member competes at the Las Vegas, NV ABBI event on May 13-14, 2016, points may count toward WSBBA standings (no additional fees).